Dr. André F. Raine

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Project Co-ordinator

Dr. Raine has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph (Canada) and an M.S. in Conservation from University College London (UK). He completed his Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia (UK) in 2006, entitled ‘The breeding ecology of Twite Carduelis flavirostris and the effects of upland agricultural intensification’. André has worked on bird conservation projects throughout the world, including Bermuda (where he worked with the Endangered Bermuda Petrel Pterodroma cahow), Zambia, Peru and England. Before moving to Kaua‘i, Andre spent four years as the Conservation Manager for BirdLife Malta, where he was responsible for all conservation projects undertaken by the organisation. As part of this remit he was also tasked with co-ordinating all research actions on BirdLife Malta’s EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project. This project was the largest conservation initiative of its kind in Malta and focused on reversing the decline of the Near Threatened Yelkouan Shearwater Puffinus yelkouan.

Jennifer Rothe

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Crew Leader

Jen grew up in Wisconsin, canoe paddle in hand, and turned her early love of nature into a B.Sc. in Biology and Wildlife Ecology at UW Stevens Point (’10). She has 11 years and nine US states of general avian field experience under her belt, but highlights include: eight seasons banding thousands of migrating owls and diurnal raptors in WI, climbing to Gyrfalcon aeries in Alaska, glove-training a Northern Goshawk, and having an Andean Condor playfully eat her pants leg!

More recently, four years studying the nesting ecology of the elusive Marbled Murrelet in Oregon’s coast range triggered Jen’s slow morph into a seabirding Midwesterner. Guiding for Oregon Pelagic Tours helped seal the deal: after a chance sighting of a wayward Hawaiian Petrel, Jen followed these magnificent birds across the Pacific.

When she’s not working, Jen enjoys birding, snorkeling, playing guitar, guzzling coffee, and never having to scrape ice off her windshield. 2019 is her second year with KESRP. 

Scott Driskill
Scott bio pic

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, GIS & Database Assistant

Scott grew up in the great state of Oregon, where the sights of the Pacific Northwest inspired his love of the outdoors. After college, Scott ventured to South Africa where he earned his M.S. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). After experience gained from a number of years working in GIS and database management, Scott started a new chapter when he made the move to Kaua‘i to join KESRP in 2017. He is enthusiastic to be able share his skills to promote the conservation of Kaua‘i’s endangered and endearing seabirds. 

Stephen Rossiter

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Associate

Stephen received a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Connecticut College and an M.S. in Biology / Prairie Restoration from the University of North Dakota.  He has worked a westward trajectory of field research jobs: first Prairie Warblers in Connecticut, then tree seedlings in northeast Minnesota, plant and bird communities of the Dakota prairies, Kirtland’s Warblers in Michigan, and a 4-year stint chasing secretive Marbled Murrelets around old-growth forests for Oregon State University.   

Stephen has been working as our data management specialist since late 2018.   “I relish the chance to help Kauai’s fascinating seabirds and the people who study and care for them.”  In his spare time on the mainland he was an avid birdwatcher, seeking out under-birded areas for eBird.  Since moving to Kauai he has been distracted by snorkeling with schools of colorful fish!

Vincent Van Dyke

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

A coastal California native, Vincent formed a deep bond with the ocean at a young age. He graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.S. in Wildlife Management and Conservation (2017), where ornithology courses and class pelagic trips caused his love of seabirds to take flight. He has assisted with porcupine research in Northern California, studied Montezuma Quail in South Texas, and performed wildlife management in Alaska that involved working with moose, bear, and relocating plenty of raptors.

Vinny is stoked to be a part of the KESRP team and contribute to the conservation of native Hawaiian species. In his spare time you can find him surfing, hiking, or birding.

Hannah Weipert

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

A Michigander turned Texan, Hannah received her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Texas State University. She fell head over “keel” with birds after her first Ornithology class and soon after began assisting a PhD candidate with her research on Golden-cheeked Warblers and Black-crested Titmice. After graduation, Hannah followed her passion for the birds and left to go monitor seabird colonies on a remote island in Alaska!

A lifelong career goal of Hannah’s was to someday work in Hawaii and being able to do that while helping study the endemic seabirds on Kauai is a dream come true! In her spare time while on the island, she can be seen getting crushed by waves as she attempts to learn how to surf.

Jason Gregg

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

Jason Gregg is a biologist and writer from Florida. He fell in love with fieldwork and birding after college and has worked on conservation and ornithology projects for the past 5 years throughout the United States and abroad. You can find his popular science writing about conservation and birds in Mongabay and Audubon Magazine. Jason is happy to join KESRP in 2020 and help fight for the future of Hawaii’s seabirds.

Jaime Neill

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

Jaime comes to Kaua’i from North Carolina. She has a B.S. in environmental science and brings over a decade of experience in applied wildlife conservation projects. She has worked with a number of study species, including seals, sea turtles, and small mammals. On her off time, Jaime sews her own clothes, climbs rocks, goes snorkeling, and likes to read. Right now she’s listening to the Psychedelic Furs radio on Spotify.

Clairice Drexler

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

Originally from Connecticut, Clairice graduated from Marist College with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. She has always had an appreciation and enthusiasm for nature and grew up loving to be outdoors as much as possible. Her passion for wildlife conservation was brought to a forefront by working with Blanding’s turtles and American glass eels in the Hudson Valley.  

Clairice is excited to be a part of KESRP and looks forward to helping protect Hawaii’s beautiful endemic seabirds. In her free time, Clairice loves to sing and enjoys cracking open a good book at the beach! 

Deklyn Wood

Kaua‘i Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Assistant

Deklyn Wood wants to live in a world where emails are short, surf sessions are long, and smiles are always sincere.

Born and raised on the beautiful Oregon coast, Deklyn spent much of his youth chasing waves and the elusive 10/10 sunset. In these pursuits, Deklyn developed a deep connection to the natural world, which inspired a degree in Environmental Sciences from Oregon State University. Upon graduating in 2017, Deklyn assisted in a variety of seabird and shorebird conservation projects on the Oregon coast. Deklyn has thoroughly enjoyed imbibing on the culture and people of Kaua’i.

When He’s not getting critical in the waves, you can find him plotting mischievous adventures, and ever searching for that perfect sunset.

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